Monday, September 04, 2006

Merdeka @ Bukit Tabur

Made a trip to Bukit Tabur with the gang on Merdeka Day. We met at church around 7-ish in the morning. Gabe, Bing and Bernard hopped into my car while Lareina, Marie and Wenz got into Benny's, and we were off! Was the 2nd time hiking up Tabur this year, this time thankfully with less drama!

Well, 'nuff said. I'll let the pictures do the rest of the talking!

Early morning mist in Bukit Tabur. Just spectacular.

Marie, Wen Sze, Lareina, Benny and Gabriel trailing behind.

Christian grafitti?

View from one of the peaks.

Makan time!

LOTR comes to Bukit Tabur.

Looking back on the descent.

This is one scarecrow I definitely wouldn't want to bump into at night.


missa said...

Wow, didn't even know you guys went to Bukit Tabur! Looks pretttyyy :)

honyang said...

I have lost confidence with the BN controlled government from the day I left for US. I also was rewarded with financial assistant that I could not get while I was in Malaysia.

Malaysia would not be achieved Vision 2020 if preferential treatments for malays still prevail. Pak Lah and gang should start scrapping the discriminatory policy be it public or private sector.

Don't mention about coming back to the Malaysians overseas. This is like an ugly woman who keeps on telling all the men around the world, "Please marry me. You are ungrateful for not marrying me………." - Malaysia would better be a nice woman first.

Feel appreciated? These people are being polite. Many would return if only they feel they are not being robbed. The truth is the NEP is really robbery. It is basically an unfair tax system that robs the future of non-malays.

Let say you run a company. Imagine being asked to invest in a country that taxes you higher than most people. Imagine also that the more you can make, the higher the tax rate while majority of others gets tax breaks and subsidies.

Also, if you are successful, you have to give up some equity, even majority in some cases. Who would invest?

For non-malays it is the same, when they choose to work and live in Malaysia, it is an investment both personal and financial. They get the bare necessary support and often thrown obstacles along the way.

They pay most of the taxes and their savings are abused. If they are successful especially very successful, they are expected to give it up, and not to the needy and deserving, but mostly to the wasteful, undeserving and arrogant.

It is a no brained for towering non-malays. In fact it is a no brained for all non-malays.

My sincere advice to these towering Malaysians is, to stay where you are and don't come back! Also think of your children's future and education, which this country cannot provide.

This country only wants thieves, non-skilled labourers and criminals from Indonesia, Bosnia and Bangladesh. The only qualification is that he is a Muslim.

My brother found a job in Australia two weeks after graduation. Got his PR a few weeks later. All individuals I have spoken to compliment and agree it is the right thing to do.

Not one has the slightest disagreement with my brother decision. The sentiment among my relatives and peers are obvious. There is no pride for non-malays in Malaysia and never will.

I got a few friends in UK, Swiss, to further PhD in biotech. They won't come back to Malaysia as Malaysia can't provide them the technology that they currently using, studying. Of course they feel unfair in the Malaysia system. That is it, Time to Change……….

Recently I have talked to Malaysia friends about the issue of returning home. Not surprise me that they all have their Australia PR.

Please do not criticize us that we are not loyalty, we are grown up in national schools, we do not really have "well-funded education" as a Malaysian should be. The main concern for us is the secure feeling of staying in Malaysia.

Despite the public security, it is more about uncertainty we have percept since we are born. I do not expect my children future ruin in your hands.

I think all Malaysians should try hard to educate their children to be global citizens, i.e. give them an education that will enable them to survive anywhere even in India or China.

But if you are a connected crony your children will be able to prosper for the next two generations until or at least our energy reserves run out.

After that we hope they will be able to make the correct life choices. If they settle overseas it means we have less hotel bills to pay when we tour!

Malaysia may yet change for the better. The one minister got it right this time - "You can't fool all the people all the time".

Everyday I remind myself this: Study harder; make money. The grass is greener on the other side, not for myself but definitely for my children.

Migration is perfectly normal. But it is the circumstance of one decision to migrate is the issue.

Please all of you don't come back. Malaysia does not want intelligent people: they are difficult to control (i.e. LKS, Karpal Singh, etc).

I have so many friends and children of friends, who stay overseas that when I go there, I feel more at home than here! I feel free there!

I went to bed troubled at the huge loss of talents that could have helped Malaysia become another Japan. So many brilliant people are coming forward to narrate how they made good in other countries when Malaysia, the country they were born and bred in, failed to treat them fairly.

Everyone knows Japan story.

The Japanese phoenix worked because they built back their country as one people. They didn't have a Petronas rebuilding the country. They were a country starved of natural resources, but the biggest asset and wealth of post-war Japan was the people themselves. They recognised and made full use of the talents of the people, for the country.

As long as the NEP and the affirmative policies are in place, more and more will emigrate and the loser is Malaysia.

The solution is simple. However, in this country everything boiled down to pampering one race which has proven again and again that it is not working after 50 years.

Our leaders are not bothered about all these messages and they will brand the emigrants as not patriot to avoid finding solution for the long benefit of the country.

To all, for time being, emigrate to other country to teach a lesson to BN the hard way.

samp said...

The NEP has only served a few. Its original motives were noble because weather you or I agree malays do need a lot of encouragement but not the sort that have been getting as opposed to the ones in Singapore.

In the 1970s in Singapore, O and A levels pass marks for Malays: 28%, Indians: 65%, Chinese: 75%, others: 50%.

This NEP bias only made the non-malays smarter and the malays more dumb. Pass mark for Singapore malays in state: 50%.

Singapore allow them to leave Singapore any time they want but they choose to stay because their kids are properly educate, got better opportunities, housing and health care……….And they are truly loyal to Singapore.

I would like to add further to what has mentioned.

(1) Singapore first president was a malay. The republic has also had two Indian presidents including the present one.

(2) It has had two Indian foreign ministers.

(3) The country present minister for education is an Indian.

(4) The republic Singapore has had two Indian deputy prime ministers including the current one.

(5) A former police chief (equivalent to Inspector-General of Police) was, yes, you guessed it, an Indian.

Can we ever expect such important government positions in Malaysia to be occupied by those representing the minority communities in Malaysia? I am afraid the minorities here can only dream.

As I said, the racial disharmony in Malaysia is not the cause of Malays, Indians or Chinese. The fault and blame lies squarely and directly on Umno and Umno Youth leaderships, and their barrel of race-based politics and policies.

Are the malays so impoverished in intellect and ability that they need handouts to survive?

The alternative already exists - the day the malays rely on themselves, not Umno, is the day they write their own destiny.

Protection for the malays means isolation for the malays. As long as they ask for more protection, they will be isolated from the progress of the world.

In the end, they will be hiding in caves like the Taliban. Nowhere to go because of inadequate skills, or skills that are not useful to the society and humankind at large.

Income and employment statistics show the Chinese are still ahead of other races but nowhere near pre-NEP levels.

The aids and opportunities provided under the NEP, if given to non-malays would propel them sky high in half the period. The hardship makes us wiser, stronger and better. Hence we always try our best for the better of our next generation.

pang said...

I am sick of all these denigrating statements about Mahathir appearing in our printed press. Before long they will be saying he is senile.

The government has been implying that they had to reduce fuel subsidies because the nation was financially not too well off owing to the lavish mega projects of the previous administration.

Mahathir counteracted on this, saying the government now has never been richer, and that out of Petronas RM80 billion ringgit earnings, only RM15 billion ringgit is being used to subsidise the country fuel prices.

Which begs the question, if the government is well off, why did they have to reduce the fuel subsidy? The second automatic question is - where has the RM80 minus RM15 equals RM65 billion ringgit gone or will go?

Mahathir statement that the government has never been richer has let "the cat out of the bag". As Malaysian citizens, we have the right to know what happens to Petronas money.

I hope we are not like Iraq under Saddam Hussein when oil money went into the pockets of party officials or as it is now, Iraq oil money going into the pockets of party officials.

yoy said...

Even in developed economy like Britain, financial support of similar concept is available in UK based on need.

Remember, millions if not billions of ringgits had already been spent to uplift the status of malays via education. What have we achieved so far?

Sorry for such a pessimistic view. After all, if our Malaysia leaders are into corruptions without checks and balances, what hope is there for the betterment of the society at large!

Basically, we need to reform our political system especially Umno and if that can be done, hopefully everything will fall into place.

We may have the noblest of aims but along the way some smart apes from the ruling party or the education minister himself would make a mess of the programme making aids a convenient political tool.

Political gerrymandering has been perfected to an art by the ruling elite. So, what are we left with? Crump.

A good example is the recent case involving Ong Tee Keat the deputy higher education minister. He pointed out a wrongdoing whereby a Chinese school got billed of RM30000 for a RM3000 job and a badly done one at that.

Instead of kudos he was reprimanded by no less than the deputy prime minister and the education minister. Very obviously the action by these Umno-malays are seen to be condoning wrongdoings and protecting wrongdoers who could have come from their party.

If our leaders have such a mindset I doubt very much the type of investments in human capital schemes proposed will ever succeed.

In this country, as far as the ruling elite is concerned the interest of their party and members come first followed by the malay dichotomy, religion and race. The rest of the people can leave the country if they don't like it here.

That is the very reason why we must have laws to protect whistleblowers. But when the blowing is done on Umno-malays and their cronies how on earth will such laws be enacted!

You get to see the same faces on national TV, always smiling and always saying this and that, as if we are all idiots. Don't they have a conscience?

Will this charade ever end? Search me. Maybe God is being too nice.

And that is also the very reason we must support Mahathir, not so much for he himself, but for his crusades. It seems that he is the only one person in Malaysia for the time being that can inflict some damages to the smiling faces on national TV.

But it will be a great mistake if they are celebrating now. Knowing Mahathir he will not let them go that easily. War has been declared and this is only the beginning!

molisa said...

Public universities and institutions of higher learning are set up and run using public funds. In other words - taxpayers money with all races being taxed on the same rate.

Therefore every citizen should have the fundamental right to enjoy the same benefits provided by these public-funded institutions.

In private universities and colleges, overseas or local, students pay a hefty sum for the tuition fees.

Except for some privileged few from wealthy families who do not even consider the local universities as an option, most are from middle or working-class families who have to take a study loan or use their parents life savings to pay for the fees.

And there are some who do not even have such avenues.

The declining standard of universities in Malaysia is so glaring that everyone knows about it but does not wish to talk about it.

Every educated man on the street knows about the double standards in our education system. We hear the education ministers comparing matriculation and the STPM stating that they are comparable in standards.

Most educationists know that they are not of the same standard but the question most people would ask is, if they are of the same standard why not have a common entry examination for all Malaysians?

When quality is sacrificed at the altar of quantity, this is what will happen.

But instead of learning from these mistakes, our education ministry announced that it wants more substandard students to enter local universities so that we will have more graduates. What we will have in the end is a perpetual dependence on foreign labour.

The prime minister was moaning about the attitude of always waiting for subsidies and handouts. He shouldn't blame anyone but the government.

The Umno-led government folly of spoon-feeding for the last 35 years means that they now cannot change the 'subsidy mindset' without risking losing seats in a general election.

They wanted to help the bumi but they went about it the wrong way and for far too long. In the process the non-bumi has become more resilient and hence more sought after by the private sector which unlike the government, is not inclined to pay fat salaries for dead wood.

There is a saying, 'As you sow, so shall you reap'.

All we can do is pray that those in power will arrest this dangerous problem in the education system immediately.

vesewe said...

If you are to do a study among all Muslim countries, the level of development will be directly proportional to the level of Islamisation of the country.

Just do a study - you will know the fact. The reasons are so obvious why this is so. I do not want to elaborate here to hurt the feelings of Muslims but I mention just two:

- they sidelined the women.
- how many Muslims nations are in deep religious based wars?
- and plus many other activities against productivity.

You cannot have it both ways. Live in this world or live in the after world. There is time only for one.

This is why I see very bleak future for Malaysia the way it is heading - the day when we 'Talibanise' Malaysia.

Our constitution does not say we are a secular state. But by the same token, nowhere does it say we are an Islamic state either.

A country can be Islamic but yet remain secular in government. Turkey, Egypt and Algeria are prime examples. As long as the constitution remains the supreme law of the land, we are an Islamic country but a secular state.

All these are really non-issues as long as everybody sticks to the original game plan.

Look at it one way, it seems like they want to keep the NEP because they are taking advantage of perks and curbs, keep the Umno linked filthy rich.

First of all, the NEP has no goodwill towards the non-malays. They think that the non-malays are rich and can afford to run overseas because of the drought of local university places available?

This is another fallacy. Truth is a lot of the non-malay parents have to work their asses off, keeping a small unit family, just to use all their savings to finance education overseas because local opportunities are not forthcoming and not available.

Malaysia lose a lot of talents in such a way, especially when the NEP has indeed made certain non-malays very competitive on the global scale. For these people having been successful overseas and given a fair go at the opportunities, they will think twice to come home to adversity in Malaysia.

And that is a fact. Do you know that we lose almost 80% of our local talents to the US, UK and Australia every year! Go check the emigration records. Do you know that the Malaysian contingent is the largest oversea students in Australia, and almost 100% that succeeds takes up Australia PR and citizenship?

That is exactly the formula used by many progressive countries including the US, UK, Australia, even China.

These countries have policies that stress both the affirmative action to aid the poor and complement it with an emphasis on high standards, including robbing other countries of their human capital by enticements such as international scholarships.

So I can't understand why it is not palatable or applicable to the malays! Why lay back when you have the world as a challenge.

The failure of the various Malaysia communities to integrate is not because there is no common language, but the ill will festered by the outmoded communal politics that Umno Youth seems want to perpetuate, the NEP, and the lack of Malaysia kinship (e.g. one race want to be tuan).

It is only nature that human beings and animals learn more from failure than success. So, be prepared for a soul cleansing in the next 10-20 years in Malaysia.

Yes, the one common denominator is that they are all not Muslim countries. Even among Muslim countries, the less that Islamization is the focus of national existence, the better off the society from a social, political and economic standpoint.

That is why Turkey used to be relatively better off in various aspects compared to other Muslim countries but this has been starting to change recently.

Hate to say it but yes, obsession with Islam is anathema to progress, political stability, peace and economic well being.

We agree that it is difficult to manage a multiracial country like Malaysia with its diverse religions and races. It is also obvious from the discussion that the current political and economic model has failed us, particularly with regards to racial integration.

We are heading towards a crisis. We need to have a paradigm shift in our socio-economic model. Otherwise the omens look bad.

Now humans are humans, be it malays, Japanese or Israelis, when one is in absolute power there will be a tendency to sideline the minorities. Arrogance and abuse will crop in. There is no doubt about it.

To be developed, there should be peace, good sense of responsibilities, equality and cooperation. Of course, good leadership and governance is equally important. Every party should not to be made to feel deprived.

I still feel that mixing religion with politics is not wise - for we can see around the world almost everywhere trouble spots are based on religious differences and in countries where religion is part of politics. That is the reason why Malaysia although a Muslim country should remain secular.

fargoman said...

Well, I worked in a few different countries and I have met some transplanted or former Malaysians (Chinese or Indian and even mixed blood). Almost all of them narrated the same treatment they received while they were in Malaysia, when I asked them why they wanted to leave the beautiful country Malaysia.

I have talked to an automotive engineer in Germany (ex-Malaysian married to a German); I met a mining engineer formerly from Ipoh who now lives in Canada; I met a petroleum engineer in Australia who is specialized in fracture stimulation (whatever that is);

I met a spacecraft engineer in Houston who has nothing good to say about Malaysia - many more people with great expertise and talent who have given up Malaysian citizenships……….most interesting was a malay women who married to an American geologist - she did not repay her RM90000 Mara loan and do not want to return to Malaysia.

So now I am in Malaysia for a year and I realized what those people told me about. Most of what they said I can now sympathies and understand the situation.

They never ever regret the choice make to give up Malaysian citizenship. Being a non-malay is a second or third class citizen in this country.

My job here is not to change the political situation. I am just saying what I come across.

kok said...

If you malays are not happy in Penang, just leave and go to the more developed states like Kedah, Perlis, Sabah, where you will not be marginalised.

Gerakan, MCA who are reading this, just a simple advise: Leave BN now before you lose more voters.

50 years is enough. Vote DAP or any opposition in your constituency. We must not allow BN to fool us again. Down with BN and have a better future for all Malaysians.

(Opposition leaders and parties should keep quiet. Umno is doing the work for them.)

Smaller parties in BN will be severely punished in the next election for not standing up for their communities and parties interests, and for not taking proper care of the country. Their political survival could be leaving BN and run as independent party.

The malays are just too lazy even to analyze their own predicaments! After 49 years, they are still lamenting on not enough money in their pockets, and they are blaming the non-malays for this.

How further from the truth can this be? The malays should ask themselves how NEP has enriches a minority of malays, mostly the Umno politicians and their relatives and cronies.

That is where their money has gone to, so don't blame the non-malays who have sacrificed so much of their rights for the sake of the malays!

Most political parties are "unbreakable". They will find a scapegoat or common objective/target to unite the party at all costs to hold on to power.

Who cares whether a political party is breakable or unbreakable. They are only there to take care of their members and party interests first, not the ordinary people.

The ordinary people want to see the country and people properly taken care of, e.g. effective and efficient government departments, fair policies, good public facilities and social welfare, increase public safety and less crimes, no corruption and etc.

The Umno Youth act like crazy mobs same as their terrorist counterparts outside the country. They use the loophole in democracy which the little follow the many. Their member are not gullible but just plain evil and vile - they are just waiting for a chance to act.

These can be seen by the future generations in the UPM incidence. The UPM psychos are just the chips of the main Umno Youth block.

This week, I send of a cousin, a friend, a sister and two nephews to the airport who will never return to this country. They are all top graduates or students of top universities in UK and US, some with millions in their bank accounts. These news only convince them they are right and not to look back.

Just today I spoke to an old student of mine who has returned for a short holiday. I asked whether he has secured a PR in Australia and he said yes. I told him to serve there and stay there.

DAP, Gerakan and Keadilan may have to build Penang as a different country. That is the happening if your power is being threatened.

As long as Gerakan, MCA, MIC and other non-Umno in BN, they will never fight for our rights, the Umno say "yes" no one dare to say "not", how do we call it a partnership? Just like a dog following his master.

DAP and other champions of Malaysian rights, please do something about this and don't worry the next election, all the votes will go to you guys.

This is how idiots save themselves for the wrong things they firstly created. By putting blame of others then add more weight to their argument and cause - they think they would neutralise the troubles that is within their own party (Umno).

I tell you, we will end up having another May 13 for sure. Let us vote all of these idiots out if you are truly Malaysians.

I am just wondering how stupid these malays can be. Why are they not asking, after nearly 50 years for which 34 years of the NEP, all under malay prime minister and Umno but yet they can be marginalised and still poor!

Really idiotic thinking, they just don't ask themselves or their Umno leaders but blaming others.

Damn Umno, their denial syndrome, their extremism, their mentality, their self-righteousness. There is no greater curse than willful blindness and obscurantism.

Penang malays want more crutches. It is gimme, gimme, gimme. They do not know how to strive on their own but want handouts.

What about the Umno executive councilors! Were they sleeping all these years! It is the BN state government which is responsible for the state of the malays there. In any case, they will be blaming the chief minister even in 2200 and till eternity.

Umno had critical internal problems for decades. So far they had been able to divert their internal problems by using race and religion at all costs at the great expense of the country.

If one is confident, secure and strong, one do not need to resort to aggression, intimidation and threat to achieve one's objectives. These behaviors are strong signs of failures, insecurity and weaknesses.

Why are Umno Youth acting as if they can do whatever they like and not respect BN component parties and Umno which is the government?

Like in a family, if you don't set a good example for your children to follow, they will not respect you and they will rebel.

The national interests scarified and ordinary people are being used for narrow and selfish party interests for far too long.

This is a sick government. After so many scholarships and after so many years given to the malays, I am wonder why there is still no bright and smart Umno politician to lead Umno?

Anyway, don't want to sound racist but I think the NEP will never achieve its targets with the malays current mentality.

julee said...

Malaysia is a secular state. It was so when we attained independence in 1957 and it is still so, today. To say otherwise, is absolutely nonsensical.

These problem and confusion were all brought about by none other than our prime minister of 22 years - Dr Mahatir. He is the culprit and if the country suffers in any way as a result of what is taking place today - it is all due to his incompetence and arrogance.

He was a dictator in his own right and made many questionable decisions that has brought about upheavals amongst the various races. The non-malays cannot accept an Islamic state per se.

All they want is to be left alone to practice their faith in peace. The Muslims can go about and follow the true teachings of Islam and likewise practice their faith in peace as well. This is all there is to it.

Why then do they insist on wanting to use the term Islamic state now when they know pretty well that it was not one at the time independence was obtained! Let the status quo remain as it was.

wihong said...

I applaud some person letter, on how our Malaysia former prime minister exploited the wealth of this country to build instant bumi business tycoons and billionaires.

In his 22 years of prime minister ship, he has build on the racism in this country where people still whisper about it but are afraid to talk openly and confidently about it.

It has affected the millions of citizens who are the minority in this country. This country does not respect the minority - the Orang Asli, the Indians, the Chinese, and many others.

Let me illustrate. That is a clear example of an disadvantaged Indian family in Malaysia and there are many which are unemployed, illiterate, displaced (moved from the estates to cities without any savings), criminally inclined (40 percent of prisoners in Malaysia are Indians), alcoholics and basically eking a living on the fringes of society.

We have a society which does not want to listen, speak or even talk to them. There have been many good souls out there who have tried very hard to assist the Indians to come out of their poverty since the 70s.

As far as I know, and we have found that it is impossible for just a few groups to do that unless there is a political will for these minority groups to escape poverty.

Because of the very one-sidedness of the New Economic Policy (NEP) and a government comprising racially-based political parties, we can never achieve an equitable society. We advertise heavily that we are a multi-racial society but we all know (but are afraid to say it) that it is not.

Our own education system is not fair. It is not fair in the provision of social services. It is not fair in the promotions in the civil service. It is not fair for business licencing. This is the life story of the poor minority in my country.

ruyom said...

Little did I know the Malaysia life changing experience I was to face when I took up the opportunity to be trained in Germany back in 1972 after my A level.

On completion, I spent three years working in Singapore saving enough for a one-way ticket to UK for further studies. Graduated in 1979 with a degree in mechanical engineering and employed by ITT (International Telegraph and Telephone) in London, I was sponsored to continue a part-time master degree in computer science.

By mid-1980s, I was awarded a grant in robotic research at Imperial College. And further studies concluded an MA in e-business.

Having worked and lived in UK for 25 years, it was time to look back on my root in Malaysia. Initial programme by Malaysia government to lure back expertise did not impress me.

By this time I was married with two kids studying in better schools in UK than I can imagine possible in Malaysia. Fortunately I had the hindsight not to uproot my family back to Malaysia.

I understood the affirmative action to uplift the malays during my time. It was understandable and accepted by my generation in return for the right as citizens in Malaysia. In my eyes Umno had breached the contract with the non-malays.

Being born in Malaysia before 1957 and in the spirit of independence, my returning to help build a better Malaysia has been a mistake. I will not go into details here.

A short note should suffice for now. My trying to contribute to society by way of investment and helping the local students in predominantly poorer malay district was repeatedly delayed and later rejected for no reason at all or flimsy and it took me three years.

Contrast this with my experience of setting up and running a company in UK and Singapore in less than a month.

For those who are thinking of coming back to Malaysia I would advise them to think again. The only thing that attract me back to Malaysia in the first place was my connection to my parents who were in Malaysia and too frail to travel. Once they are gone, I have no more reasons to return.

For those who think I have sold my heritage by taking up British citizenship should know that there are no official policies to discriminate minorities in UK.

In fact minorities are often supported, as in the case of my kids Chinese language class, are provided free by the local government. We are judged by my abilities not on color of our skin or our beliefs.

Meanwhile my entire family has taken up British citizenship. I may have lost my right as Malaysian citizen but not the right to visit or stay in Malaysia (silver hair and second home program). My kids will never miss Malaysia (you can't miss what you did not have) and will look forward for a brighter future.

For those who are staying back to fight for their birthright as equal citizens in Malaysia, you have my support and admiration. I apologise for not being able to be with you for now and I hope you understand my decision. But I will in my own way contribute from afar to help in other ways.

To the Malaysia government, I quote, "You cannot build courage and character by taking away a man's initiative and independence." - Lincoln

San said...

Just put it very simply, our Malaysia country is not competitive enough that we no longer could afford to hire our talents in overseas back. The environment is just not conducive for further development.

For those who wish to sell short to come back, there must be a good reason. Why bother to come back if you know that you are not appreciated? Patriotism is not a good reason as it is illogical to say that one is not patriotic if one is working or living overseas.

The latest slogan I heard from Singapore is that one could venture overseas as far as he could, but the heart is always welcome to be with home, Singapore. Overseas Singaporeans did come back solely for their national day celebration. I think this is a more liberal way of thinking. The world is flat now.

Either way, one has to make his own decision to make a choice to be out or in. After all, our society has become very sick and corrupted such that white or black, wrong or right is indistinguishable. Idiotic loyalty is unwise. You just have to make your own way to seek a better future for your self and your family.

Affirmative policies which the government is adopting will do more harm than good to the proud "Bangsa Melayu". That is why after five decades of independence, their inferiority complex is still very much prevalent among them.

Further, how much progress have they made internationally? Virtually none or if there is, I dare say, is insignificant. Other races have made headlines in the international arena, including being top executives of major multinational corporations.

Some have even made it in Hollywood! If you are talking about our local guys, people like Zang Toi, a Chinese designer from Kelantan, and Dato Jimmy Choo, famous for his shoes, are worldwide brands.

If the NEP continues in its current form, the malay community may face the danger of sinking into oblivion in the sea of vast technological and economic changes which our world is constantly experiencing.

Forget this towering Malaysians bit. After 50 years there is no Malaysians but only Malays, Indians and Chinese. Forget patriotism - there is no such thing. All this talk about NEP is just a smokescreen, a mechanism for Umno leaders to enrich themselves, siblings and offspring - at the expense of working class Malays, Indians and Chinese.

The smart ones with special talents like "eco" would emigrate with or without the discrimination. It is the "pull" factor and not the "push" factor that decides where people like eco will make their home.

To us ordinary folks, with dreams of making something out of our lives, I say follow your instinct and look for that Promised Land.

We should be grateful to the government of Malaysia for starting the exodus. We are what we are today, like I always say, "Not in spite of the discriminatory policy but because of it."

Some of us prefer to be birds of fine weather. That is fine too.

Slowly and steadily, the middle class Malaysians are moving overseas, be it the US, UK, Singapore or Australia. Not because we are unpatriotic but because we do not want our next generation to endure the state sponsored racial discrimination that we had to endured for so long.

It is the adults who teach hate and discrimination to the kids who in the end become the racist that they are. My best friends in primary school and secondary schools are malays and Indians.

We don't realize that non-malays have lesser opportunities to go to tertiary education. When I see that my country is actually engaging in state sponsored racial discrimination segregation laws later in my life, I am deeply disappointed that while we are taught moral values and all the values of Malaysia in school, that it is actually not being practised in our daily life.

When you have these "push" factors in place, when non-malays have the opportunities or when they are fed up with the policy of the country they will leave the country and will never come back to contribute to the country.

As a lot of these politicians who wield keris and the other radicals want the non-malays to get off the land, they do not realized that as much as they think they do not need us, they actually do.

I second one opinion, my parents did not have a choice back then. I have a choice now, I am choosing to develop elsewhere. Not because I am unpatriotic, but I do not want my tax money to go into incompetent BN politicians pocket or any other maggots associated with them.

Now my tax money will go to a deserving country where I feel I am not being shortchanged. You will be surprised how many young non-malay Malaysians will end up building US, UK, Singapore, Canada and Australia. We owe this to our parents and to our next generations who never had the chance.

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