Friday, September 30, 2005

eat your vegetables

JV: been so busy i'm drowning here man
how ru
AT: hahah.. tell me about it..
it's horrible
i don't even have a second to breathe a sigh of relief... it's like i'm constipated with work.. but can't get it out.. GIMME SOME FIBER!!!
JV: gotta ease that constipation man...haha
eat some vege
spinach or something
AT: haha..
JV: hahahaa

Complaining about being busy has its merits sometimes. Chances are that you'll find another person equally as busy. Interesting conversations are sure to follow! =)


Anonymous said...

thats classic... haha..

- tetrach of Abilene

jv. said...

yeahh...sure perked me up...haha

but i'm still busy these days man =( really crazy