Tuesday, May 10, 2005

giving an account

What was supposed to be a casual Mothers' Day conversation with mum on Sunday turned into something I totally did not expect. To cut a long story short, we actually had quite a long conversation about comparative religions, more specifically Buddhism and Christianity. I knew mum was fairly open, but I had NO IDEA that she was THIS open to hearing about what I believe in as a Christian.

Through our messy conversation, I sort of managed to present the Gospel to mum, although I know her thoughts were probably so cluttered with what other people have been teaching her about Buddhism etc. While mum might have been confused then, what struck me was her response.

She asked, "How come you've never told me this before?"

I was stunned for a moment. I had shared the Gospel with mum...once...maybe vaguely twice. But those occasions happened so long ago. She had been pretty closed up to the Christian message then, but I had no idea that she had become more open over the years.

Pondering over Sunday's telephone conversation made me realise that we are sometimes too quick to assume a particular reaction from people even before we share the Gospel of Christ to them. It is so often that we refrain from saying the things that we ought to say, in the fear that our family members or friends would either react in a certain way, perceive us in a certain light, or maybe even wonder how we could even believe in something so shallow. "I don't do religion, thank you very much."

In stifling our voices, I wonder how many people have missed out on the opportunity to hear the good news? How many people have we rubbed shoulders with today? Last week? Last month? Last year? I guess the numbers can be pretty astounding.

What if we happened to be the last opportunity for that particular person to hear about Christ? In such a situation, I really don't know how I would be able to give an account to God when I see Him face to face.

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marie said...

hey..am happy that your mom was so open and eager to know about Christianity. Just wondering, how did the conversation end?

Like you said..it is true that we often worry what their response may be and decide that we may not be prepared for it. But i guess, it will take alot of courage and God's guidance in this.

Take care :)