Wednesday, September 29, 2004

in a pickle

It rained last night...although I actually only noticed it this morning when I was about to leave the house. For a brief moment, I was at a crossroad...and a tricky one too. Should I go on MC today? After all, I am "sick" right? I've been sneezing like crazy for the last two days! Yeahh, I'm probably sick. Am I? Is my forehead feeling a little warmer than usual? Not quite, but it's probably bound to get worse later, especially with this rain! How about that dang throat? Barely an itch. Rats.

Would I have been able to get an MC under my circumstances? If I lied, maybe. But that wouldn't have been right then, would it?

"Beep beep"

I unlocked my car.

Shifted the gear into reverse.

Out of the driveway, and off to work.

Hello Wednesday.


phyebeng said...

in such a situation, i would take the morning off to see the doctor, call the office. let the doc decide. i usually pick a sympathetic doctor too ;)

jv. said...

I think you need to introduce me to this sympathetic doctor sometime soon... ;)

phyebeng said...

well i never really had the need to, in my old place, we didnt need an mc unless it was more than 2 days of leave.

i havent gotten sick at my new place yet though. but we can hunt for sympathetic doctors together by pooling our heh resources.

jv. said... mean at Deloitte?? that system is sure bound to be abused. but i wouldn't mind my company adopting such HR policies...should improve employee morale =)

phyebeng said...

well its the sort of job that requires you to surrender kidney and blood for the project (assuming you're on one) so even if u get sick on project u hv to be really sick to get off.

if you're not then i guess u can just abuse away haha.